Control Distribution of Access All in One Place

Secure The Electronic Distribution of Your Information

Our AccessPoint Document Exchange software will enable you to electronically distribute any type of documents or files in a secure environment internally across your firm or externally to your clients and counterparts.

  • Eliminating the risk of having your sensitive documents sent unencrypted via email
  • Ensuring your documents are only accessed by authorized users
  • Maintaining a full record of each user access to your individual documents

Reduce Manual Document Distribution Errors

Our software will enable you to replace your manual document email distribution processes with an automated process that provides automated controls and reduces the possibility of your information being improperly distributed.

  • Reducing the risk of having your sensitive documents sent to the wrong individuals
  • Replacing your manual document emailing processes with a fully automated process
  • Instituting automated controls which prevent the incorrect distribution of your information
  • Providing optional workflow facilities which enable documents to be reviewed before being distributed

Improve The Efficiency of Your Document Management Processes

Using our AccessPoint Document Exchange software will reduce both the effort required to manage your documents and the effort required to keep individuals updated with the latest version of your documents.

  • Automatically notifying people when document updates are available
  • Ensuring people are using the latest version of documents
  • Removing the need to have people looking through email attachments to find documents
  • Providing access to a full history of document revisions
  • Allowing for the controlled collaborative editing of documents

Reduce Your Costs

The pricing plans for licensing our AccessPoint Document Exchange software are structured to make the use of the software cost effective for individuals and for companies of all sizes.

  • Available either in our cloud computing environment or installed locally on your premises
  • Priced per document, per user per month or per server
  • Requires minimal to no upfront investment
  • Quick and easy to set up