Empower your mobile users with secure reliable access to all types of content directly from their individual iPads

Ensure you and your mobile users have continuous access to the information you rely on even when you are not connected to a network.

With AccessPoint for iPad, you and your users have a professional quality iPad app that is easy to use and enables direct permission-based access to all different types of content.

  • Deliver a functionally rich iPad app to both your internal and external clients without the cost, time and effort of developing and releasing your own iPad solution.
  • Designed with enterprise-level security in mind the app preserves the security of your information and prevents unauthorized access to that information even when multiple users share the same iPad device.
  • Built for all types of content the app provides you with an easy to use, professional quality, reliable interface which is designed to allow you and your users to easily manage and access all different types of content.

With accounts ranging in size from single-user personal accounts to business accounts with hundreds or thousands of users AccessPoint provides an ideal solution for ensuring the people who rely on your content have access to that information even when they are on the go.

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