Store and Manage Content Accessibility All in One Place

Using AccessPoint Portal you can easily create your own portal which you or your company can use as a central point to store and provide secure managed access to all of your different content. AccessPoint Portal makes your content available securely via any web browser to you or any other authorized users regardless of location. Using the AccessPoint software frees people from having to email or transfer files and documents to make them available and also ensures people always have the latest versions of content to work with.

Have Your Documents Available When and Where You Need Them

Using AccessPoint Portal you will always have access to your files and documents regardless of where you are. With AccessPoint Portal you can access your content securely via any web browser. With the release of our free AccessPoint for iPad app, you now have access to the files stored in your AccessPoint Portal account directly on your iPad.

  • Provides secure access to content from any web browser
  • Supports any type of file or document
  • Keeps a full history of all file revisions available online

Easily Keep Your Portal Account Up To Date

With AccessPoint, keeping the content in your portal up to date is seamless and easy. Using our applet technology you can easily upload content into your portal account from any location or machine. Using our document exchange technology you can automate the process of uploading content into your portal account. And using the tools available in our reporting offering you can even automate the process of creating and distributing reports directly from your data.

Ensure People Have the Latest Versions of Documents

Using AccessPoint Portal you can keep groups of people who subscribe to your content updated with the latest versions of documents and files with minimal effort. With AccessPoint Portal you configure each user in the system with access to the content you want that user to be able to see and the system will automatically notify them if the content is changed.

  • Automated email alerts for content updates
  • Optional portal link to content included in email
  • Optional content attachment included in email
  • Portal’s latest content section shows most recent updates


AccessPoint Portal is available for either business or personal use. Clients can use the software as a hosted service in our cloud computing environment or can install the software locally on their site. The software is available under a number of different pricing structures enabling clients of all sizes to use the software effectively.