Precision-Controlled Content, Access, Distribution, and Sharing

Ensure that your files always gets to the right place, every time.

n-Tier’s AccessPoint software gives you a secure, controlled infrastructure for distributing or providing access to data and content to who you want, wherever they are. Highly precise, with leading-edge security features ensure that only the intended recipients can receive or access your content, giving you sophisticated control over who gets what access to sensitive information. Accessible via any web browser or using our custom iPad App. And with a professional-quality environment that matches your brand and image, AccessPoint gives them a seamless, comfortable feeling that the data you share with them is being managed properly.

Proven secure through years of use by some of the largest security-conscious organizations, support for any types of content even file sizes into the 100s of GB, and all at a price point which does not break the bank—AccessPoint provides the ideal solution for both individuals and companies of all sizes who want to have continuous access to their files and securely distribute or share those files across groups of users large and small.

Our Accesspoint Solutions Include: