Increase Profitability with Real-Time Cost Monitoring

Identify cost and revenue trends quickly and efficiently with our platform’s web-based GUI, Report Generator, and easy-to-use dashboards.

  • Calculate trading costs across single/multiple OMS platforms.
  • Profitability calculations by customer, trader, product, etc.
  • Customized daily, weekly, and monthly, reports for stakeholders.
  • Flexible report delivery includes user interface, email, and SFTP drop reporting.
  • OMS/EMS agnostic

Reconcile Trading Costs Across Multiple Systems

Receive execution data and transaction costs daily from multiple OEMS and execution venues. Begin with these features, and expand through the following tools and more:

  • Maker/Taker rates
  • Execution venue costs
  • Clearing Costs

Minimize IT and Operations Resources

Free IT and operations professionals to focus attention on other challenges. Automate, independently reconcile, and validate your reconciliations with certainty between cost and commissions.