Next generation data reconciliation and data validation software

An automated data comparison and data validation solution for all types of data regardless of format and location

Our uniquely flexible platform can be used to reconcile and validate all types of data across any number of different systems concurrently. Using our software you can implement automated processes that ensure both the consistency and correctness of your business data and significantly reduce the impact of inaccurate data on your company and your clients.

Features and Functionality

Our software provides a comprehensive set of functionality which makes the setup, management, and operation of your reconciliation processes simple, effective, and fast. Some of these features include:

  • Our uniquely powerful ETL layer enabling the import of data in any number of formats
  • Normalization of the data into the required format takes place in a matter of seconds. Resulting in a completely consistent data set regardless of the starting configurations
  • Easily match one to one, one to many and many to many pairings
  • Validation of incoming data as well as reconciliation of existing data supported by robust exception management workflow which includes automatic emails to owners of exceptions
  • Dashboard presentation of real-time prioritized results showing both status and exceptions by category, also supports drill down on exception results
Designed For Maximum Configurability

Our data reconciliation and data validations software quickly put you back in control of your data:

  • Enabling user-level configuration of all aspects of the software’s integration, reconciliation, and validation processes
  • Eliminating the cycles of endless development which traditionally drive expense and lost time
  • Providing a platform that is easily adapted as data requirements change
  • Delivering the flexibility needed to automate all types of manual reconciliation processes, bespoke custom built reconciliation processes, and user computing automated reconciliations
Financial Controls, General Data Controls, And All Types Of Operations, Business, And Compliance Controls

A high-performance enterprise quality solution used by clients to manage all different types of mission-critical data quality and data reconciliation processes, including for example:

  • Multi-party benefits reconciliation
  • Reconciliation of enterprise data repositories to related repositories and golden data sources
  • Reconciliation of data between old and new systems during platform migration projects
  • Validation of entries prior to posting to financial records ensuring their accuracy and integrity
  • Intercompany reconciliations across many platforms
  • Verification of 100% of information provided to regulators, achieving best in class approach to regulatory reporting

Designed to achieve a very low cost of ownership with minimal IT support required, capacity to address large global company requirements and highly tuned delivering processing results in very tight time frames.

With leading-edge functionality delivered via an advanced web interface our software provides you with the security, features, and streamlined processes needed to effectively monitor, manage, and communicate data related exceptions across your businesses, your clients, and all your different groups of users.

Schedule a free consultation and have a trial account setup and configured to reconcile and validate your data within hours.

Customer Feedback

The n-Tier solution automated data comparisons and validations, reducing resource time for these tasks by over 75%. The efficiencies gained allow valuable resource time to be focused on exceptions and their resolution.

The n-Tier team provided viable alternate solutions to handle difficult validations and were extremely responsive and efficient in enhancing their product to meet our needs.

Solutions Specialist, Inpoint, an AON Business

The n-Tier reconciliation tool automated our vendor statement reconciliation process and reduced the time taken to perform the function from hours to minutes per reconciliation.

The service provided by the n-Tier team in both implementation and on-going support is world class.

Corporate Controller, Automotive Industry

The n-Tier solution reduced our monthly reconciliation process from hours to minutes by automating the data comparison tasks. We can now focus our valuable time on errors & exceptions instead of the reconciliation itself.

n-Tier provides a consistent & reliable platform to reconcile any two or more systems; it helped us exceed our internal audit requirements.

Corporate Controller, Fuel Services Industry