Advanced Software Solutions

Manage Content and Data in

Today’s Complex Environment

  • Regulatory
  • Data
  • Reconciliation
    & Validation
  • Reporting
  • Content Access
    & Distribution
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Regulatory Compliance

Compliance Workbench - replace the inadequate partial manual checking of your regulatory reports with an automated verification process that ensured reports sent to your regulators are both complete and accurate:

  • Provides 100% automatic verifications of all data in your trade reports

  • Summary and detailed dashboards enable the effective monitoring of your reporting

  • Detailed exception information enables systemic issues to be identified and addressed

  • Establishes a sustainable ongoing monitoring capability over your trade reporting

Data Warehousing

A suite of functionality that fits in with your data warehousing strategy at multiple levels allowing you to get the most out of your data warehouse projects minimizing software development requirements.

With our platform you can chose the features you use in supporting your firm's data warehouse projects with functionality that enables:

  • Monitoring of the completeness and accuracy of the data in your data warehouse

  • The automated integration of data from any source in any format into your warehouse

  • The automated creation and distribution of reports from the data in your warehouse

  • The creation of your data warehouse through the configuration features of our software

Reconciliation & Validation

Configurable data reconciliation and data validation software:

  • Imports and reconciles any type of data

  • Provides complex matching, data validation, and data reconciliation

  • Delivers a user focused dashboard presentation of results

  • Includes robust exception management and distribution capabilities

Reporting Solutions

Professional, client-ready reporting:

  • Eliminates need for special IT queries to get the reports you need

  • Access the hard to capture data for critical business/marketing reports

  • No need to build expensive, long to delivery IT infrastructure

  • Highly accurate client segmenting and groupings for key reports

Content Access & Distribution

Secure content access, distribution, and sharing — creates a streamlined controlled process for distributing and sharing all types of content across groups of users:

  • Provides secure access to all different types of content

  • Fully integrated with our reporting suite of functionality

  • Enables access from any web browser and from our mobile iPad app

  • Provides a complete archive of all historical content