Empower your business with complete and accurate data across its critical business functions

n-Tier is an innovative financial technology company that couples deep industry expertise with a unique software platform to help firms minimize the risks and costs associated with regulatory reporting.

  • Named Best Reporting Solution for CAT, 2021 & 2022

  • Named Best of Breed in Trade Surveillance for Equities, 2023
  • “n-Tier has demonstrated a unique data-first approach to trade surveillance, focusing on building out scale while retaining a light technology footprint,” said Phil Mackenzie, Research Principal at Chartis. “In our research, we viewed the company’s cloud deployments, rules-based data management and deep regulatory knowledge as key differentiators for its solution.”

20+ years supporting leading financial services firms large and small

A proven record of delivering timely cost-effective solutions for some of the most well-respected firms in the financial industry.

A global client base with $22 trillion under management and a market cap over $900 billion.

Canada’s top investment banks Asia’s largest global banks/brokers
Leading fintech firms Mid-sized US broker dealers
UK and European investment banks Global high-frequency trading firms
Canada’s top investment banks
Asia’s largest global banks/brokers
Leading fintech firms
Mid-sized US broker dealers
UK and European investment banks
Global high-frequency trading firms

Experts in resolving some of the most complex data challenges

A unique combination of software and expertise which allows you to resolve data accuracy and completeness issues quickly and effectively.

  • Future proof your data control processes
  • Rollout control processes without costly software development
  • Add state-of-the-art data governance over your data
  • Enable correction of data related issues before they adversely impact your firm

One Unified Platform

Provides a comprehensive suite of functionality to manage and monitor the accuracy of your critical business data.

Take configurability to new level
  • Provides zero development environment reducing burden on IT staff
  • Enable business users and analysts to configure datasets and data controls
  • Future proof critical data control processes with easy to adjust infrastructure as systems and businesses evolve
Move beyond traditional tool kit solutions
  • Provides fully functional UI for managing and monitoring critical data
  • Enables manual and automated data correction processes to address data deficiencies
  • Provides automation needed to easily incorporate data from all different types of data sources and systems
One platform – many solutions
  • Applies to a broad range of critical data and reporting related functions
  • Enables data and reporting related processes to be centralized and standardized
  • Works alongside exiting systems allowing firms to cover processing gaps without requiring wholesale replacement of existing infrastructure

Transform your firm’s regulatory reporting processes

  • Implement comprehensive validation processes over critical reporting processes
  • Pairing reportable data back to source data and also books and records while streamlining process of researching and correcting reporting issues
  • Utilize our baseline validation and reporting rules which have been tested and vetted by some of the most well know firms in the industry
  • Easily adjust rules as needed based on you firms requirements and regulatory interpretations
  • Enable correction of all data deficiencies prior to reporting
  • Enable management oversight of critical reporting processes

Enables the use of one consolidated platform across regulatory reporting obligations

Enterprise scale designed to reduce cost and risk across your entire organization

Provides positive impact at every level of the organization.

Business line level
  • Provides support for data correction and data monitoring processes

  • Standardizes processes across different regulations and controls

  • Minimizes manual processes enabling effective headcount management

  • Reduces need for bespoke development

  • Removes need for many ongoing user data extract and research requests

  • Provide comprehensive front-to-back solutions for users

Risk and Global Management Level
  • Enables standardization across range of data related functions

  • Reduces training costs and enables resource use across different regulatory regimes

  • Provides cross-region visibility into data control processes and exception management activities

  • Provides best-in-class data governance across the enterprise

  • Provides a segregation of duties and processes which reduces overall risk

  • Demonstrates to regulate the level of a firm’s commitment to overall data accuracy and completeness

On-Premises or Hosted

Delivered based on your firm’s preferences and requirements

  • Provides low cost — low time to market
  • Designed to minimize your firm’s integration cost and time
  • Core focus on infrastructure and data security

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