A solid integrated platform that delivers

Best-in-class streamlined solutions to your data and content management problems. Solutions which are custom tailored to your individual requirements and workflow through configuration providing the ideal balance of rapid delivery time and specialized automation which meets your individual needs.

n-Tier’s solutions are built and delivered as part of a uniquely flexible platform that allows different aspects of the platform’s functionality to be quickly combined into specialized solutions. The platform provides clients with solutions which have minimal impact on their IT resources and infrastructure. Solutions which are configurable at the business level and provide the perfect balance of control and flexibility needed to deliver automation in a user focused self-service environment which leads to a significant reduction in cost.

n-Tier’s platform provides the building blocks of best-in-class data and content management. Building blocks which provide clients with a foundation needed to solve even their most complex data and content management challenges and include the following four sets of integrated functionality.

Powerful data reconciliation and data validation software that can be used to ensure the accuracy and reliability of all types of different information.

Flexible reporting software that enables the automated creation of reports and data extracts from any number of different sources of data. Reporting software with specialized functionality for automatically and reliably dividing data by client or group ensuring your reports and data extracts contain the correct data for the intended recipients.

Secure reliable content management software that provides groups of users with controlled access to all types of content via mobile devices and any web browser. Content management software that automates the process of exchanging critical information across your clients and your organization eliminating the use of email for exchanging sensitive information.

Our configurable data model and integration layer which allows the platform to be used for processing and exchanging any type of data or content. A level of configurability that completely eliminates the need for software development and allows the platform to be implemented in a time-frame unmatched in the industry.