Do More with Less—and do it faster

Deep Knowledge. Unique Expertise.
And Solutions that Transform how Clients Manage their Data and Content.

n-Tier a leading software developer provides clients with the building blocks needed to transform how they manage both their data and content. Using these configurable building blocks n-Tier enables clients to implement custom-tailored—streamlined solutions to their individual data and content management problems in a time-frame that is unmatched in the industry.

A Platform Designed to Drive-Down Costs, Improve Responsiveness, and Eliminate Waste

n-Tier’s solutions are designed for configurability and for ease-of-use providing the Ideal balance of flexibility and control needed to deliver user-centric self-service automation. Automation which is delivered in a manner that improves response time and customer satisfaction eliminates cost and waste, and replaces functions that generally required ongoing use of development resources for implementation.

“Founded in 2000, n-Tier’s platform is built on a design philosophy that automates individual business processes in a manner that accommodates changes in both data and content—types and formats through software configuration. This approach to software design and development has allowed us to deliver a suite of solutions that eliminates the endless cycles of software development and releases needed as content and data change. Driving down cost and delivering the best reliability record in the industry for our clients.” – Peter Gargone Founder and CEO of n-Tier.

A Global Client-Base and a Proven Record of Reliability

n-Tier’s clients range from some of the largest global organizations to small and mid-sized businesses located across the globe. We excel at customer satisfaction with an unmatched record of both responsiveness and reliability. Having many clients that have been with us since our early days and have expanded their use of the software across their businesses over time we are continuously surprised by the innovative uses clients find for our platform.