n-Tier is excited to have had a successful 2021 driven by industry-wide demand for regulatory compliance solutions and the continued growth of our client base, and the first half of this year has seen a continuation of this momentum. Our FINRA CAT and FINRA CAIS 2e capabilities saw particularly rapid growth in Q1 and into Q2, and we expect that to continue. Given today’s ever-evolving regulatory landscape, we’re proud to couple our industry expertise with our unique software platform to help institutions minimize the risks and costs associated with regulatory reporting.

Here are just some of the many milestones that n-Tier achieved in 2021 and into 2022.

The next deadline on the horizon is the new phase of FINRA CAT CAIS 2e, which will apply to more broker-dealers, increase the scope of data reporting and introduce sensitive customer information. Our latest whitepaper dives into this topic and outlines how your firm can properly prepare.

Overall, we want to thank our valued clients and hardworking team – we appreciate your business and dedication, and we look forward to continued success in the remainder of 2022. For more information check out our corporate video or visit www.ntierfs.com.