Date: November 1, 2022
Time: 10:00am ET / 3:00pm London / 4:00pm CET
Duration: 50 minutes

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Regulatory reporting obligations continue to expand, bringing with them more overlaps of data elements across reporting regimes. As many firms struggle with the accuracy and completeness of individual reporting obligations, regulators have increasingly begun to focus on cross-regulation data consistency in their data validations and examination processes.

This webinar will identify cases of data overlap within and across regions, as well as the nuanced nature of these overlaps. It will also discuss the challenges of policing data across regulatory regimes, and review solutions for cross-regulation data consistency and accuracy based on a holistic approach to data management and regulatory reporting.

Register for the webinar to find out more about:

  • Data overlaps across regulatory reporting regimes
  • Approaches to identifying and understanding overlaps
  • Challenges of data management across multiple regulatory regimes
  • Solutions providing cross-regulation data consistency and accuracy
  • The benefits of getting it right, and the penalties of getting it wrong

Discussion topics include:

  • Who is impacted by the expanded reporting requirements?
  • What are the additional data elements required for reporting?
  • How are Onboarding and Account Management teams and KYC processes impacted?
  • What do these new exception management and correction processes mean for reference data and transaction reporting?
  • Implications for other regulatory reporting obligations and surveillance programs
  • Reference data security trends and implications for firms and their service providers
  • What broker-dealers are doing now to prepare
  • Special considerations for clearing firms and correspondents

About n-Tier

n-Tier is an innovative technology company that couples deep industry expertise with a unique software platform to help institutions minimize the risks and costs associated with regulatory reporting. n-Tier’s clients range from global leaders to small and mid-size companies in various industries including finance, healthcare and insurance.  Our platform is highly configurable, has low IT impact and can be installed locally or used as part of our cloud offering. For more information on n-Tier visit