­­­­Navigating Regulatory Landscapes: n-Tier’s Journey in 2023

­­­­Navigating Regulatory Landscapes: n-Tier’s Journey in 2023

­­­­Navigating Regulatory Landscapes: n-Tier’s Journey in 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial regulations, precision and adaptability are paramount for firms aiming to stay ahead.
In the ever-evolving landscape of financial regulations, precision and adaptability are paramount for firms aiming to stay ahead.

The past year saw sustained attention from US regulators to the accuracy and thoroughness of data submissions, which has led regulators to examine the quality of firms’ regulatory reporting data more closely than ever before – with a particular focus on key regulatory regimes and evaluating overall data governance processes.

Amidst these dynamics, firms are increasingly turning to configurable solutions like n-Tier’s to effectively mitigate risk and the associated financial implications of incomplete or inaccurate submissions. Our accomplishments in 2023 stand as a testament to our ongoing commitment to our clients as we remain committed to providing reliable and flexible solutions for institutions of all sizes.

A Year in Review

From the expansion of our client base to the accolades and awards received for our innovative technology, it’s been a year of growth and recognition for n-Tier. Highlights from the year include:


  • The continued adoption of the n-Tier platform saw its client base increase significantly in 2023. n-Tier covers the full range of US regulations, including Fed reporting, 605/606, CAT, CAIS, LOPR, EBS and beyond. Boasting a global client base overseeing $22 trillion in assets under management and a market cap exceeding $900 billion, it continues to deliver solutions to some of the most well-respected firms in the financial sector. Notably, n-Tier’s adaptability extends beyond domestic regulations, seamlessly accommodating regulator reporting obligations worldwide, including those under EMIR and MiFID II.

  • n-Tier received several awards throughout the year, highlighting the effectiveness and adaptiveness of its technology. In November, the company announced that it had won the “Best Solution for Sell-Side Regulatory Compliance” category at the RegTech Insight USA Awards, from A-Team Group. n-Tier also received recognition from FinanceFeeds, winning the “Most Reliable RegTech Provider” for the outstanding operational efficiency of its Compliance Workbench solution. In March, the company was featured in Chartis Research’s report “Trade Surveillance Solutions for Equities, 2023: Market and Vendor Landscape,” for n-Tier’s data-first approach to trade surveillance.


  • n-Tier has continued to invest in its team of experts, increasing its staff number significantly. Extending its ability to support a growing list of regulations across jurisdictions, n-Tier has implemented a strategic hiring strategy in both the US and UK, focusing on key roles in operations, technology, implementation and client service. In continuing to make investments in its people, the company was also proud to announce in Q4 2023 that Head of Regulatory Reporting Product Strategy David Emero was appointed to the esteemed Consolidated Audit Trail Advisory Committee.

Looking Ahead

With new and updated reporting obligations on the horizon, n-Tier plans to pursue several critical product updates in 2024. Embracing our data-centric methodology, our team is currently developing an advanced Regulatory Intelligence offering, purpose built to analyze and detect regulatory reporting changes and issues ranging from missing reports and data elements to deviations from historical and business workflow norms – and that’s just the beginning.

As regulators intensify scrutiny on data accuracy, n-Tier’s configurable solutions have become indispensable for firms navigating complex regulatory landscapes. The accolades we have received and our growing client base underscore our dedication to excellence. With an expanded team and global reach, n-Tier stands at the forefront, ready to provide reliable reporting solutions to meet the continuously evolving reporting challenges of the financial sector.

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